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Mini Split & Ductless System Repair & Installation in and Around centralia, MO

Stevens Heating & Cooling specializes in mini split and ductless air system repair and installation. Easy to install, mini-split ductless air systems and heat pumps from Mitsubishi provide heating and cooling for individual areas rather than for the entire home.

If you currently have a central air heating and cooling system, you probably rely on one thermostat to operate the entire system. If you have multiple people living in your home, regulating the temperature may lead to arguments, lots of thermostat adjustments, and energy bills that fluctuate from month to month. A ductless air system helps eliminate these issues by providing each room in your home with a separate thermostat. Our technicians can easily complete a mini split installation throughout your home without having to rip out any existing ductwork.

These systems are perfect for homes without central air systems. A ductless air conditioner allows you to keep common areas cool without wasting energy on seldom used areas in your home.

Ductless Air System Unit Services & Installation

There are various indoor air system units to suit different spaces and décor. There are lots of options and you can choose from a wall-mounted, floor-mounted, ceiling-mounted and slim duct indoor units to suit each room of your home.

With our expertise we can recommend specific units so you can get the most out of this new technology. Depending on the unit, you can also have wireless controls.

One outdoor unit can operate in 2 to 5 zones in your home. Depending on the size of your home, you may need one or two outdoor units to provide individual temperature control for each room in your home. Our technicians are able to recommend how many outdoor units you will need and where to place them.

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